Moon – There It Is.

I recently saw a video of Bill O’Reilly condescendingly respond to a viewer’s question about the moon and the tide. Though I can’t tell exactly what O’Reilly believes, I can tell that whoever disagrees with him is a desperate pinhead. The video is so smug and proud of it’s anti-intellectualism that it begs the question whether Bill O’Reilly is some sort of savant — eerily able to connect on an emotional level while covering up a crippling level of mental retardation. I’d like to say that it is not his belief in a higher-power that I find problematic, but the dismissive arrogance with which he willfully ignores information he should’ve learned in 9th grade Earth science or can be easily found on Wikipedia (admittedly crowd-sourced, but often accurate).

Two side notes: obviously, I think it would be terrible if a hostile alien race came to Earth. However, one of the only pluses would be if a photograph could be taken of Bill O’Reilly at that moment, just to finally see a chip in his cocksure worldview. Secondly, a fun way to watch his video is to pretend he’s a militant Jihadist, just sharing his thoughts about the moon. Below is Bill O’Reilly’s video:

Here is my parody of Bill O’Reilly’s moon video: