The Onion AV Club interview with me!

I did an interview with The Onion’s AV Club a few weeks ago and it’s up now. You can read it here and here and here and here! Classic link humor! I am truly “of the times!”

A random note — I found out that this article was live because Mike Benner (who works on Bob’s Burgers tweeted me an image from the comments section):

Here’s some more comments:

Mostly, I want to clarify that I’m not paid by the companies I make fun of (though it would be amazing if Delta Airlines paid me to do a bit on my last album where I beep their name and claim they shit into everyone’s luggage and then set it on fire — alas — that is only something Jet Blue would pay for).

I love the Onion AV Club and the comments there. Even in this — where someone is wondering if I am paid to make fun of Time Warner — they are sympathetic to the possibility that I’d need to make money and, anyway, who knows how things work, right?

I know of comedians who are in commercials (I did one once!) or who’ve been paid to tweet about stuff (when I first joined Twitter some company offered to connect me to advertisers – meaning if we liked each other they would pay me and I would Tweet about them. However, my tweet was valued at $17.17 a tweet — which I promptly changed to $20,000 and never heard from anyone). Offhand, I don’t know of a comedian who has snuck products for money into their act. I could totally be wrong, I just have never heard of it.

This is not to say that if you are a company (that I like — or could learn to like) that you should not consider giving me millions of dollars. I am happy to accept money — I just won’t sneak it into my act. I might make a video. I might post your product to my Facebook page saying I like it, adding that I was paid and then I will thank you for hopefully helping me buy a nice oceanside home in Provincetown or Maine or somewhere. Please do not offer me under $500k. Thank you.

Also — to clarify — I did not take out a series of ads in the “Times” (New York Times?) getting people looking at Time-Warner’s improvements in service — but took out two ads in two weeklies — one in New York Free Press and another in the Greenpoint Gazette. I personally don’t think it reads like a list of improvements to their service.

Here’s also the bit I think Enkidum is talking about with Sprint (it’s about a banner ad I saw on MySpace years ago for Blackberry Storms — which I imagine are by now just used to teach current kindergarteners about the hard times we used to face in 2007).

Anyway, I know it’s a little silly to comment on this, but because I do so many bits about companies and ads and stuff, I just wanted to make it clear that I’m not sponsored by them.
Lastly, I am inside an airplane right now (won’t tell you the brand, but it’s an airline I hate!), and am heading to Seattle. Tomorrow is the first show of our festival. It is the return of Invite Them Up with Bobby Tisdale, me, Todd Barry, Ron Funches, Kurt Braunohler and probably more! Come!

Or come to one of the other wonderful shows this week!

UPDATE! The suggestion that I am a sneaky vehicle for companies I dislike has been rescinded! This is how the Internet should work! Random accusations of high people corrected by the accused while bored on airplane flights. This is what Al Gore had always dreamed for us.