Commercials, past and present…

I recently got an e-mail from the Milwaukee Onion asking me about a radio commercial I did several years ago that only recently started airing there.

What I forgot and just remembered was a side story about a video I made. The company I made the commercial for were very nice, in fact, they had given me the outtakes from our shoot and let me put them online. Probably a year after that, for some reason I can’t remember, they called and asked if I minded taking the outtakes down. The outtakes weren’t amazing or anything and they had actually used some of the weirder, best stuff (“If you don’t listen to this station, you’re racist!” — or something like that) anyway.

However, they also mentioned that one of the radio stations that used the ad didn’t know I was a comedian. And they didn’t know what my comedy was like. They didn’t know if it was family friendly, or shocking, or what. They were concerned. So to reassure them, I made this commercial about myself. I showed it at the taping of the Comedians of Comedy: Live At The Troubadour shows, but the sound was a little messed up and they ended up not putting it on the DVD. Here is the video for you to enjoy: