In Copenhagen for COP15 for

I will be in Copenhagen from December 9th to the 19th covering the climate change conference (in a charmingly unruly, balls-out way) for Here’s a little promo video I made:

Two days ago I arrived in Copenhagen for the COP15. I’m covering the conference for It’s a very beautiful (and expensive — hot dogs are $1600!) city that has been flooded with delegates, lobbyists, journalists, activists and an assortment of oddballs and kooks. I’ve spent the last few days exploring and adjusting from jet lag (Copenhagen is 30 hours ahead of New York). Here’s a video of my first day here:

I’ll be posting videos over the next week and a half from Copenhagen and the COP15. I still haven’t seen any Vikings, but I also haven’t stumbled through a time-travel-hole — YET!

Bella Center in Copenhagen (COP15)

A few days ago thousands of people (journalists, business folks, NGO reps, etc) were denied access to the Bella Center, where all the negotiations are happening. Much of what’s in the Bella Center (along with the negotiations that few are allowed near) is a trade show, mediocre open-faced sandwiches and people looking for a story that is not always there. I went to the Bella Center and made a little video of my experience. I met a man in a bear suit, gave a presentation to an empty room, and found the unmanned booth of the “United States” and and answered people’s questions about US climate policy. Here’s the video:

Dong Energy in Copenhagen (COP15)

Here’s my latest video from Copenhagen about Dong Energy and the Climate Pirates (Germans who came to Copenhagen on sailboats to at first protest Dong Energy, but ended up giving them a windmill as a thank you for not opening a coal plant near their homes):

Goodbye Copenhagen. Goodbye, Bing Bong.

Here’s my final video from the COP15 in Copenhagen:

Protest in Copenhagen (COP15)

Here’s my video from the protests this weekend. They were actually very nice and peaceful, but of course, full of kooky folks as well as families with nice haircuts. Warning: this video contains a cute dog, a man with dreads, and a yelling lady.