Jon Benjamin and Eugene Mirman almost entered a Slingbox contest.

A little over a year ago I got an e-mail asking comedians to make a video for a contest to promote a new product called Slingbox — which “slings” video from your television to your computer or cell phone. Though I love all promotional letters asking me to enter a contest, my favorite part of this letter was that the woman’s job title was “Commander-in-misChief.”

So Jon Benjamin and I shot a “misCHIEVous” video on stage at Union Hall a year ago, but it was too long and I never had a chance to cut it down and submit it. Enjoy the video — but a warning — it contains blue material and might shock some viewers (old people, religious people, decent people, tweens, etc). Don’t watch this at work, unless you work in a place that’s “cool.” Here’s the video: