Keep Austin Weird

Here is a video I made about keeping Austin weird:

SXSW Survival Tips for 2009

Here are some good guidelines for those heading down to SXSW for the first time and need some advice:

  1. Be careful who you give spare change to, some of the “homeless” are actually guitarists in British bands and get offended easily.
  2. If someone tells you they are having a party for their new internet based startup that helps bands reach fans, stab them in the heart and run, especially if the party is in East Austin. They’re lying — they are how modern-day vampires trick humans into becoming food.
  3. If you get to a late night party and aren’t on the guest list, NEVER go “Do you know who I am?” to try to get in. However, that will totally work, if you say it and pretend to have amnesia. A slight change in tone turns you from from being a dick, to being a sweetheart who doesn’t know who he is. You’ll be invited in, handed some bourbon, and allowed to watch Echo and The Bunnymen.
  4. Go to the Yard Dog day parties. And also to Ben’s BBQ across I35 on E 11th street.
  5. If you want to see the breakout band this year (I forget who they will be) then get to the club by around 9:15 (8:30 if you just have a wristband) or just go see them at Urban Outfitters one afternoon.
  6. Don’t try a drug you’ve never heard of before, even if the guy who gives it to you is wearing a cool jacket.
  7. If a man in a suit mentions either a 360 deal or the power of social networking sites, without making any sudden movements, walk away slowly — he is a robot (built by fearful major record labels) from the year 2011 sent back to bore up-and-coming bands until they quit music to regain a foothold on the industry.
  8. If you hook up with someone make sure they are the same race as you — JK — there’s no such thing as black or white (though there is Asian) — we’re all the same shade of rock and roll (I’m not sure what I mean).
  9. Headbands are cool — but if you wear one, don’t hang out with too many other people wearing headbands — because a headband is like a drummer — one is good, two is okay, but any more than that and you’ve formed a world band by accident.
  10. Have fun and enjoy all the free shoes.