My Two Graduation Speeches

My Two Graduation Speeches

It’s graduation season once again! In case you are still in need of life-advice, here is the entire collection of my award winning (not really) commencement speeches — the first is from my old high school, Lexington, MA, in 2009, and the second is from my alma mater, Hampshire College, in 2012. If you watch both, along with your years and years of studying stuff, you should have the building-blocks of leading a happy, fulfilled life:


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Kickstarter for the Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival 2011!

The 4th Annual Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival!

This year’s festival will take place from September 15th – 18th in Brooklyn at Bell House and Union Hall. We have a bunch of awesome stuff planned that we’re VERY excited about.

Normally, each year, we half-heartedly consider trying to get sponsors to fund our lovely and demented dreams, but this year we’ve decided to try something different: Kickstarter. With that in mind, please watch the video, look at our oddball incentives, and consider donating anywhere between $10 and $10,000. It would be very helpful. Thank you. Click-ity click click click here!

Great Cabinet of Wonders Video

One of the most fun things I get to do is be part of John Wesley Harding’s Cabinet of Wonders. The show features different musicians, writers (even poets!) and often me. I think cover of Kevin Ayers’ Religious Experience conveys the fun we had last week (featuring John Wesley Harding, Andrew Bird, Tift Merrit, Josh Ritter, Jonathan Coe, David Wax Museum, Robert Lloyd, The English UK, and me on the theremin — which I can both play and not play, as you will see).

Video for Thrive Project

I made a video to help out The Thrive Project, a wonderful non-profit in western Mass that helps “young adults pursue happiness.” The Thrive Project is an educational/community/cultural/career space that does everything from teaching, tutoring, putting on performances/ salons/ art shows to organizing field trips  and all sorts of great community support stuff. It’s based in Turners Falls, MA. Here’s the video I made for them:

Moon – There It Is.

I recently saw a video of Bill O’Reilly condescendingly respond to a viewer’s question about the moon and the tide. Though I can’t tell exactly what O’Reilly believes, I can tell that whoever disagrees with him is a desperate pinhead. The video is so smug and proud of it’s anti-intellectualism that it begs the question whether Bill O’Reilly is some sort of savant — eerily able to connect on an emotional level while covering up a crippling level of mental retardation. I’d like to say that it is not his belief in a higher-power that I find problematic, but the dismissive arrogance with which he willfully ignores information he should’ve learned in 9th grade Earth science or can be easily found on Wikipedia (admittedly crowd-sourced, but often accurate).

Two side notes: obviously, I think it would be terrible if a hostile alien race came to Earth. However, one of the only pluses would be if a photograph could be taken of Bill O’Reilly at that moment, just to finally see a chip in his cocksure worldview. Secondly, a fun way to watch his video is to pretend he’s a militant Jihadist, just sharing his thoughts about the moon. Below is Bill O’Reilly’s video:

Here is my parody of Bill O’Reilly’s moon video:

I interview Wesley Stace about Charles Jessold, Considered as a Murderer

Writing is a very popular art form that dates back as far as any living person can remember (somewhere in the late 1890s). There are still a handful of devoted souls who practice this dying art. Of course to most people, no authors come to mind — since this art form is in its last months. Radio may have killed the video star, but web video and micro-blogging have killed the publishing star. Still, one man survives and rises above the fray — Wesley Stace. Below, enjoy my interview with him:

You Suck. Mathisretarded

Many years ago when I was touring with Stella and opening for them, a few college kids sent me several mean emails asking me to not open for them in New Haven, CT. This is what happened at the show that they asked me not to perform at.

Phill Jupitus and I switch places and careers

Here’s a little promo for Comedy Exchange, a show where British comic Phill Jupitus and me (American comic Eugene Mirman) swap places and careers. He performs in weird little places in Brooklyn, while I perform in London and Edinburgh. I talk about pedophiles on the radio and he mentions Cape Cod. That sort of thing. Here’s a little trailer for it:

Characters Unite Video (now with Eugene!)

Unlike it’s competitors, USA Network has finally come out against racism. TNT, you may know drama — but you don’t know how to brand yourself as the world’s first official non-prejudice cable network. Same with you, Cartoon Network and Korea TV — you dropped the ball. Some of you who watch a lot of Law and Order (like me) might have seen the following ad over and over again for USA Network’s Characters Unite campaign. Though I understand where they were coming from, the ad was missing something: me. So I added myself.