Tru Ad

Around the time MySpace (a social networking site from 1944) was falling apart, they used to run these ads of girls flirting with you that were super annoying. I made this ad as a result.

Sad Boy

This is a movie I made when I lived in Somerville before I had any editing software, so I had to keep changing clothes and pausing the camera. Back then, people were just starting to fear Y2K.

Quiz Call w/ David Cross

A few years ago I did some shows in London with David Cross, Kristen Schaal and Todd Barry. David and I shared a flat. We would stay up late and try to get on Quiz Call using the internet and our phones. One night we both got on!


I am punk. Also, I found this dumb shirt in a store in LA. The music is a band from Belgium that took the word of my art movie and turned it into a song.


I made this video in Boston before I could really get editing software to work on my computer. It's a classic. It was shot in my office at Zentropy Partners which me and my office mate, Scott Bowers, turned into a bar.